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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 11:20

GRES, Inc. and Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) are now in full cooperation and agreement to aid the country of Japan with the current Fukushima disaster.

The Rad-Release technology that was developed by Idaho National labs and commercialized and exclusively licensed by EAI is dedicated to bringing safe, environmentally acceptable cleaning and waste minimization services to its clients and offers them a complete line of premier technologies such C02 blast cleaning, Chemical Extraction technologies, Concrete Shaving and AIM (absorbent impregnated media).

There will also be available most forms of conventional processes to include multi-media dry abrasives, liquid abrasives, high pressure water blasting, scabbling, and scarification for a broad range of cleaning and decontamination applications. EAI and GRES will dedicate extensive project management, technical support, contract, and deployment experience to Japan.

The Rad-Release I decontamination technology, developed and commercialized in cooperation with Idaho National Laboratory, is a chemical process that involves the topical application of a single decontamination solution to treat various substrates bearing radiological contamination. Substrates for which the process can be used include those that are both porous and seemingly nonporous. The technology can be deployed on various geometries including walls, ceilings, equipment, structural beams, internal piping and highly irregular surfaces.

The Rad-Release II decontamination technology, developed and commercialized in cooperation with the Idaho National Laboratory, is a chemical process that involves the topical application of two formulas to treat radiological contaminated substrates that present challenges and/or difficult isotope matrices and stubborn surface interferences, requiring a more complex chemistry and application process. The technology is effective at extracting radionuclides, including transuranics, from nearly all substrates.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. experience in solving tough challenges in the environmental/nuclear arena stem from the extensive remediation work we have been performing for more than 25 years. This knowledge and expertise is what will make this recovery effort extremely effective. Our goal is to assist the Japanese people in restoring their livelihood and recover from the disaster as soon as possible.

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